Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Marion County, Florida is very close to the size of Rhode Island.

Marion County, Florida, is pretty damn close to the size of Rhode Island.
"... since Marion is the size of Rhode Island, rainfall totals can range dramatically from one end of the county to the other and therefore lake levels in those areas reflect the amount of rain it receives."

Marion County's total area is 1,663.01 sq mi (4,307 km2), whereas Lil' Rhody clocks in at 1,545 sq mi (4,002 km²), but their total land area, when you take out those shrinking lakes, is 1,578.86 sq mi (4,089 km2). I will accept this as being close enough to count as accurate, although I am dispirited at the thought that what looks like the dark heart of Florida has any kind of kinship with our rocky and alligator-free land of quahogs and jonnycakes.

Link to original article at the jauntily named Ocala Star Banner here.

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