Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The battle space involved in some part of the Iraq war


"“The way the Osprey collapsed the battle space in al Anbar — in fact, indeed throughout all of Iraq — is really something that amazed those who saw it perform,” he said. “The aircraft has tremendous range, and [impressive] speed with which it moves around the operational area.”
For example, Trautman said one of his commanders told him that when the Osprey arrived in Iraq, it turned his battle space from the size of Texas into the size of Rhode Island"

This doesn't even make sense to me, so I have no freaking idea if it is true or not.

Link to Elite TV - and who the hell are they?

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  1. He was referring to the speed of the aircraft, and how it shrunk down the perceived size. Yeah, it's a poor analogy without this distinction. I found it on the Marine Corps' main website and it got me thinking, which led me here.