Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fort Benning, Georgia


"The population of trained soldiers at Fort Benning — which is about the size of Rhode Island — will increase from 111,052 in 2008 to 144,770 in 2011."

According to wikipedia, Fort Benning is "covers 182,000 acres (737 km²), while Rhode island is 4,002 km², so, um, no.

Link to The News Enterprise, serving Harding County, Kentucky, who I don't expect to know better, sadly.

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  1. Well, if you Google Ft. Benning GA and just look at it on the map, one can see that it appears to be about 30-40 miles wide and about 50 miles top to bottom. This makes Wikipedia's official size suspect, and it would also make it about the size of Rhode Island ((37 X 48 miles). It's possible that Wikipedia uses some kind of "official" number that includes actual land usage. But anyone can look at an on-line map and verify the dimensions I just found above.